'Really changed my whole approach, brilliant coaching!' Lisa G, 2019

‘Alexs course has given me as much confidence as I could have hoped for.' Alex N, 2019

'Loved it! Great fun. You feel that he really cares about every participant. Lots of useful tools that I use every time I present.' Rosa L, 2019

‘In my experience very few people are able to make a big difference and positive change to a person's life, and although it is the person who makes the change, the fact that a change even happens is because of that rare person who truly cares about what they do to help others. For me, you have been one of this rare significant person, who created an incredible positive change internally.’  Asha, 2019

‘Very inspirational and passionate teacher who guides you outside your comfort zone and creates lasting results.  Philippe N, 2019

'Alex is not the usual type of coach weve had just telling you to make eye-contact and stand with your chest out. He helps you to find that inner confidence which has literally made my life easier. ' Donald N, 2019

'The first coaching I thought was actually useful. A whole bunch better than all the others Ive attended at work! Sunil, 2018

'I now use Alexs techniques, especially with regards to nerves and self-acceptance, in all areas of my life. Hes an amazing teacher. Life-changing!' Sam M, 2018

'Not sure if you can use this but havent laughed like that for months! Lianne H, 2018

'Today I had a presentation, found my note, made myself big, accepted my nerves, engaged with the censor, all things you taught me and my boss came up afterwards to tell me how great she thought it was and how shes been impressed. Thank you!' Liza, 2018

'So refreshing...Alex encourages you out of your comfort zone but allows you your own time and space. I really felt taken care of and seen. Lovely, careful work. Angela T, 2018

'Such the opposite of artificial tips to make you seem confident. Alex goes deep and challenges you to do the same in a very gentle way. I am much more confident inside if I use what he said and slowly allowing myself to ‘stop playing a role’ at work and my social life. 

The more I do it, the closer I feel to my full potential. Yulia S, 2018


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