I studied Classical and Modern Languages at Oxford University then trained as an actor in Russia and have since worked all over the world.


I first started teaching acting in 2010 and this - along with fifteen years of work coaching at-risk teenagers and adults with substance abuse issues - led me to a lifelong fascination with the relationship between our emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. 

My approach to Presentation Coaching is therefore more holistic than most and I work as much on my clients ‘inner game’ as I do on the physicality - the embodied cognition -  which informs it. 

Other things you might like to know:

I take weekly piano and movement lessons.

I love cold water swimming.

I try my best to be vegan but regularly fail.

Organisations I have facilitated presentation workshops for include: Dorchester Hotel, Fremantle Media, Egremont Group, Inferno Advertising, Art Alliance Media, Unilever, and Sainsbury’s.


how I can help you

We've all seen speakers, whether in an auditorium or at a wedding, who appear to be thoroughly at ease. They refer lightly to their notes if they have any, respond intuitively to the room and, more than anything, seem to be their real, powerful selves.


With the right tools and practice we can all do this. Successful presenting, like good acting, relies - counterintuitively -  on our not playing a role and allowing ourselves to risk being seen as we are.


My method will guide you towards allowing yourself to be you in all situations but specifically in front of an audience. It incorporates acting training, is experiential, very engaging, and lots of fun.


I will introduce you to the dynamic use of voice, physicality, and status, enabling you to communicate in a compellingly confident manner that is both fluid and effective. You will learn how to manage and use your nerves, turn your feelings of vulnerability into your greatest strength, and engage an audience's attention from the first to the very last word of your talk. 


I also facilitate team confidence workshops along these lines which will give you and your team a hugely enjoyable and bonding experience.